What are Leadership Courses?

Our Leadership Courses are structured packages which are targeted towards building your leadership abilities. Each course is a wholesome package which not only helps you gain awareness about your leadership orientation but also gives insights to build your leadership abilities. Every course contains curated content targeted towards a specific leadership ability. Each course consists of our proprietary profiling instruments – Leadership Profilers, conceptual videos and experiences of leaders – Leadership Webcasts, as well as additional content to supplement learning.

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Strategic Thinking

Strategy is understanding the value equation in business. This course helps you gain clarity on your the orientations that underpin strategy to build that ability.

  • 3 Profilers
  • 9 Webcast
  • 0 Reading materials


Your ability to innovate is determined by your orientation towards thinking, risk appetite, closure, ambition and interpersonal dynamics. Building these orientations is a stepping stone to build your ability for innovation. This course is suited for a leader looking to focus on his innovation skills...

  • 5 Profilers
  • 14 Webcast
  • 0 Reading materials

Decision Making

Decision making is determined by your ability to apply your orientation to thinking, power, risk appetite, closure, ambition and trust. This course is designed to helps you gain clarity on yourself on these orientations to help you build your decision making ability.

  • 5 Profilers
  • 10 Webcast
  • 0 Reading materials

Design Thinking

Transform your products, process and business by building your design thinking ability. This requires you to focus on your orientation of thinking, risk appetite, closure, power, ambition and trust.

  • 5 Profilers
  • 15 Webcast
  • 0 Reading materials