What are Leadership Courses?

Our Leadership Courses are structured packages which are targeted towards building your leadership abilities. Each course is a wholesome package which not only helps you gain awareness about your leadership orientation but also gives insights to build your leadership abilities. Every course contains curated content targeted towards a specific leadership ability. Each course consists of our proprietary profiling instruments – Leadership Profilers, conceptual videos and experiences of leaders – Leadership Webcasts, as well as additional content to supplement learning.

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17 Courses

Formulating Strategy

19 learning resources 7 hr 3 min
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Decision Making

15 learning resources 5 hr 13 min
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Making sense of Analytics and Problem Solving

10 learning resources 4 hr 0 min
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Design Thinking and Innovation

19 learning resources 6 hr 40 min
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The Art and Practice of Negotiation

21 learning resources 7 hr 49 min
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Managing Organisation Politics

19 learning resources 6 hr 6 min
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Influencing Without Authority

22 learning resources 7 hr 36 min
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Shaping a Culture of Collaboration

22 learning resources 7 hr 51 min
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Shaping a Performance Culture

20 learning resources 8 hr 24 min
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