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In the 4th century BC, a teacher named Kautilya saw leadership potential in a young goat herd boy in Pataliputra, present day Patna, in the state of Bihar, India. He is our inspiration, as we set out to build a world class centre dedicated to leadership and learning in his namesake. ‘Kautilya’ is built on two acres of land surrounded by the Sahyadri hills, and is about 90 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and just off the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Kautilya offers a world class learning facility with 57 residential rooms, 3 large modern state of the art learning spaces, an amphitheatre, 10 internationally themed discussion rooms, a gym, a sports lounge and a walking track. As you enter Kautilya, a custom-made granite panel depicting Samudra Manthan welcomes you to your personal Manthan & Chinthan. At the discussion space, the Trimurti will welcome you with Tridevis and Arthanariswara, reminding you of the immense integrated power you possess.

cultural Theme

Deluxe Living & Recreation

Guest Room

57 spacious residential services equipped with modern amenities. There is a luxurious 5 bedroom villa available with butler service.

Free Wifi everywhere

Satellite/cable TV services

Coffee/Tea maker



Gym and Recreation centre

Recreation centre with gym equipment and modern recreation facilities




Dart boards




Enjoy the Sahyadri hills whilst a casual team address. Ideal for fireside chats with your group.

100+ seating

Air cooling system

Audio Visual facility

Dining Area

Delicious food cooked home-style served in our 75-seater restaurant. International cuisines available

Traditional Food

French style café


Day to Day process is in place to ensure we take steps to reduce carbon footprints

Solar Energy Harvesting

Water treatment plant

Plastic elimination

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How to Reach us

Venue Details:

Kautilya Leadership Services,
R.S. No. 5/6, Savaroli Kharpada Road,
Dhamani Taluk, Khalapur
District, Raigad – 410202

Corporate Booking:

  • 23 Km From Lonavala
  • 82 Km From Mumbai Airport
  • 94 Km From Pune Airport