Privacy and Cookie Policy

This website ‘’ (‘Website’) is owned and operated by Kautilya Leadership Centre Pvt. Ltd (‘Kautilya Leadership Centre’), a company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of India.

Please read carefully the terms of use (‘Terms of Use’) for using the Electronic Platform. In case, you (‘User’) do not agree to any of the terms or conditions, made by Kautilya Leadership Centre for the Electronic Platform, kindly refrain from using the Electronic Platform. Pursuant to the Terms of Use, this privacy & cookie policy (‘Policy’) of Kautilya Leadership Centre governs the access to and use of this Electronic Platform, and also sharing, storing and processing of data and information in the course of availing any services and or Courses offered by Kautilya Leadership Centre. By continuing to use the Electronic Platform, User shall be deemed to have read, understood, and be bound by this Policy.

1. General Practice:

1.1 Kautilya Leadership Centre restricts the collection of data. The data collected and processed is strictly in the course of rendering of services and Courses offered by Kautilya Leadership Centre. This Policy intends to protect User’s Information while putting User in control of Processing (as defined hereunder).

1.2 For the purposes of, where applicable, Kautilya Leadership Centre is the ‘Controller’ and is in compliance of the requirements of GDPR.


2.1 ‘Applicable Laws’ means any statute, law, regulation, ordinance, rule, judgment as applicable, notification, rule of common law or equity, order, decree, bye-law, government approval, directive, recommendations, guideline, requirement or other governmental restriction, or any similar form of decision of, or determination by, or any interpretation or policy by, any authority having jurisdiction over the matter in question;

2.2 ‘Cookies’ are small files which are stored on a User’s device (computer, mobile, etcetera.). They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. For clarity, they store information such as cart details and login id and password, which makes it easier for the User to access and browse the Website;

2.3 ‘Course’ refers to the leadership, managerial, and other functional courses including, but not limited to videos, textual materials, webinars, seminars, podcasts forming part of such course (whether made available online and/ or offline);

2.4 ‘Course User’ shall mean a person nominated by the Subscriber to enrol for the Course or any person who enrols for the Course. In case the Subscriber is an individual, the Subscriber shall mean the Course User;

2.5 ‘Electronic Platform’ means the Website, the Kautilya Leadership Centre mobile applications, television applications, our API’s and other related services

2.6 ‘Information’ refers to data of a User and includes both Personal Data and Non-personal data;

2.7 ‘Non-personal data’ means data which are not Personal Data;

2.8 ‘Personal Data’ means any data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person;

2.9 ‘Processing’ or ‘Processed’ means any operation or set of operations which is performed on Personal Data or on sets of Personal Data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction. Such operation is done by a ‘Processor’;

2.10 ‘Subscriber’ shall mean a person who has registered as a Subscriber with the Kautilya Leadership Centre;

2.11 ‘User’ means and includes, the individual using, accessing and browsing the Electronic Platform, whether or not they purchase the Courses; User shall include a Course User or Subscriber as the case may be;

2.12 ‘Website’ refers to all web pages, any content such as textual, visual or aural (including modules, videos, including calls to action, text placement, images and other information) made available online and/ or offline through and provided by Kautilya Leadership Centre;

3. Collection of Data

3.1 Kautilya Leadership Centre collects Information through following means:

a. Through automated means i.e. by using Cookies, web beacons, Google Analytics, clear gifs, pixels, and other similar technologies (‘Data Collection Tools’); and

b. Through non-automated means i.e. Information provided through self-declaratory forms, using psychometric tools etc. Such Information is usually required when the User creates an account with the Kautilya Leadership Centre pursuant to registration, feedback, accesses materials, video recordings or podcast etc.

3.2 Purpose: The collection of Information is for the purpose of enhancing, improving and personalising the usage of the Electronic Platform and provision of services and Courses offered by Kautilya Leadership Centre. Non-personal data of the User shall be processed for research purposes. Further, the Data Collection Tools allow Kautilya Leadership Centre to detect abuse such as spam or malware, and provide customised services such as ad or search preferences and ease the process of signing up for services and Courses.

3.3 Records: (i) Kautilya Leadership Centre also may keep record of communication with the Users.

(ii) Reports and data collected from and of the users for the purpose comparison and building user profile related data and for research and other purposes.

4. Usage of Information

4.1 The Electronic Platform Processes Information collected only for the Purposes as set out in 3.2, in compliance with Applicable Laws. The Processing of Information is dependent on User’s consent.

4.2 The Processing of Information is pursuant to the User’s access to the Electronic Platform; It includes Processing User’s Course request, delivering orders of the Subscriber, emailing the Users as per their preferences, sharing newsletters, email updates, notifying amendments to this Policy, Terms of Use, processing payment of the Subscriber, managing account preference, updating the Course content, participating in or viewing webinars/seminars or podcast, sharing Information with the expert consultant or Course instructor etc.

4.3 The Information collected may also be used to provide customised recommendations, to communicate with the User.

4.4 Non- personal data of the User shall be used for research.

4.5 Further, all Personal Data is Processed only in compliance with Applicable Laws and for the purposes mentioned in this Section 4 of this Policy.

4.6 Kautilya Leadership Centre may request User’s consent before using Information for a purpose that does not fall under this Policy.

5. Sharing of Data or Information

5.1 Consent: Kautilya Leadership Centre does not Process and or share the User’s Information without User’s consent to this Policy.

5.2 For providing services: Information may be shared with personnel and affiliates of Kautilya Leadership Centre with appropriate confidentiality and adequate security measures for the purpose of rendering services. This includes, providing customer care support to the User.

5.3 Third-party service providers or Processors: Kautilya Leadership Centre Processes User’s Information with third parties in accordance with this Policy and individual agreements with third-party service providers only for the purpose of rendering of services and pursuant to the scope of the Courses offered by Kautilya Leadership Centre, in compliance with Applicable Laws. Such third parties may include consultants, cloud-storage service providers, banks, payment gateway systems, and content providers. Further, Kautilya Leadership Centre tries to ensure that such third-party service providers abide by this Policy and other Applicable Laws.

5.4 For legal purposes: Kautilya Leadership Centre may share User’s or Information, with the government or any institution if bound by the law to do so, and with any other entity which may endorse or sponsor the User’s acccount (s) on the Electronic Platform.

5.5 For processing payments: Kautilya Leadership Centre uses payment gateway services for online purchases (including refund) related transactions. The payment service provider obtains and process the required Personal and Non-personal data for payment related transactions by self-declaration of the User. Electronic Platform shall not be held liable for any Information, breach of any such Information provided to the payment service provider with regard to payment.

5.6 In the event of Re-organisation: The Information of the Users shall be shared in case of merger, acquisition or reorganization of the Kautilya Leadership Centre. Such Processing shall be in accordance with this Policy and with knowledge (through notification) of the Users.

5.7 Sharing of information by the User: The User may share details of the Course, Electronic Platform or services through links, emails, etcetera, such information, when shared publicly, allows User’s content to become accessible through search engines.

6. Period of Retention and Information Storage

6.1 Kautilya Leadership Centre only processes or stores Information for the Purpose as long as it is commercially or legally required and for the duration:

  • a. the User browses the Electronic Platform;
  • b. the User maintains an account on the Electronic Platform; and
  • c. required or permitted under Applicable Laws;

such Processing shall be in accordance with this Policy and other Applicable Laws.

6.2 The User may withdraw its consent in continuing to provide Information, both Personal Data and Non-Personal Data. In case, the User withdraws its consent, Kautilya Leadership Centre shall erase or delete the Information from their storage and also notify any third party. To clarify, any Information Processed post withdrawal of consent shall only be for compliance with Applicable Laws.

7. Rights of Users and Subscribers

7.1 Rights of the User over information:

  • (i) the User has the right to control and deny the access of the Data Collection Tools which can be controlled through web browser and account settings of the User;
  • (ii) the User has the right to deny Information whenever such Information is required through the Electronic Platform for the purposes specified in Section 4 of this Policy, however, in such event, the Electronic Platform or Kautilya Leadership Centre may not be able to provide the requisite services or Course to the User;
  • (iii) the User has the right to rectify or update the Information;.
  • (iv) the User has the right to complain to the respective protection authority in case of breach or issues regarding enforceability of User’s rights, provided, such breach or issue has been first notified to Kautilya Leadership Centre and a time period of 90 days from the date of such notice of breach or issue to the Kautilya Leadership Centre has been given in order to rectify or provide an explanation for the same; and
  • (v) the User also reserve the right to give feedback or complain to the data protection officer in accordance with clause 12 of this Policy.

7.2 Specific Rights of European Union subjects

In addition to the abovementioned, this Section additionally is applicable to the User who are residents of European Union. In accordance with GDPR, EU residents hold certain rights over the Information that they provide, as stated below:

  • (i) Right of data portability – the User has the right to receive details and copy of Information collected from the User in compliance with this Policy. Such data or Information shall be stored in a portable, structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. Upon receiving a written request to access such Information or data Kautilya Leadership Centre shall transfer such Information to the User or any other third-party in accordance with the request and Applicable Laws. Furthermore, Kautilya Leadership Centre is not responsible for the security of the Information, its transmission or its processing once received by the third party. Kautilya Leadership Centre reserves the right to not provide the requested Information if the same would be a breach of another User’s rights;
  • (ii) Right to restrict Processing – the User has the right to restrict the processing of the Information provided by the User unless such Information has to be processed in accordance with any law; and
  • (iii) Right to object – the User may object to the processing of Information which is used for direct marketing purposes, unless Kautilya Leadership Centre legitimate grounds for the processing which overrides the interests, rights and freedoms of such User or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
  • (iv) Right to Erasure – Pursuant to Section 6.2 of this Policy, the User may request Kautilya Leadership Centre to erase all the Information Processed by Kautilya Leadership Centre relating to the User by contacting the support service in accordance with Section 7.1(vi) above.

7.3 Specific Right for USA and Canada citizens

The User has the right to request access to the Information that the Electronic Platform collects and know whether such Information is being processed. However, Kautilya Leadership Centre retains the right to deny such request for access in cases where it may affect the right of any other Users or is exempted under any Applicable Law.

7.4 In order to claim or enforce the rights under the Sections 7.1 and 7.2, such User may be required to provide adequate and verifiable identity proof when called upon to do so.

7.5 In case any of the rights of a User, in compliance with Applicable Laws of respective jurisdiction, is not provided in this Policy, such User may contact Kautilya Leadership Centre’s data protection officer in accordance with Section 12 of this Policy.

8. Jurisdiction

8.1 Any dispute regarding this Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

8.2 Subject to Section 10 and in compliance with Applicable Laws, the User, in case is a resident outside India, may be entitled certain rights to raise complaints with the respective data protection authority within their jurisdiction.

9. Notifications of Data Breach

9.1 Although, adequate safety measures and compliance is exercised, in the unlikely event of breach of the Information provided by the User to Kautilya Leadership Centre, Kautilya Leadership Centre shall notify and the assist all such affected Users promptly and in compliance with Applicable Laws.

9.2 In case, a User learns of such a breach of Information, it may contact the data protection officer of Kautilya Leadership Centre and this in accordance with Section 12 of this Policy.

10. Disputes

10.1 In the event of any dispute in respect of or concerning or connected with the interpretation or implementation or arising out this Policy, including any question regarding their existence, validity or termination, the same shall be at the first instance be amicably settled through good faith negotiations between the Parties.

10.2 In case that a resolution of the dispute is not achieved within 30 (thirty) days from the date such dispute arises, as notified in writing by any party to the other party, then such dispute shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration by a sole arbitrator, administered by the Mumbai International Arbitration Centre (‘MICA’) in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Mumbai International Arbitration Centre (‘MICA Rules’) for the time being in force.

10.3 The award of the arbitration shall be final and binding on the Parties hereto and the seat and venue of arbitration shall be Mumbai, India. Language of the arbitration shall be in English.

10.4 The arbitrator shall give a reasoned decision or award, and shall allocate or appropriation cost, expenses and disbursement of the arbitration as the arbitrator may deem fair.

11. Amendment to the Policy

11.1 Kautilya Leadership Centre reserves the right to change or revise the Policy and terms of this Policy at any time by posting any changes or a revised Policy on this Electronic Platform, without advance notice to the User.

11.2 Such amendment or the changed and or revised Policy will be effective immediately after it is posted on this Electronic Platform. Use of the Electronic Platform following the posting any such amendment or of a revised Policy will constitute the User’s acceptance to any such changes or revisions.

11.3 Notwithstanding the above, such amendment shall be notified to the User in such manner as prescribed by law, if and when such requirement to notify the User is necessitated by law.

12. Data Protection Officer

In case of any concerns or issues in relation to this Policy or Electronic Platform, the User may contact Kautilya Leadership Centre’s data protection officer can be contacted at