Influencing Without Authority

Do you want build influencing skills? This is the perfect course for leaders looking to develop their leadership abilities.

Who will benefit from this course?

You will find this course useful if you need to influence people beyond your line of authority and shape

their thought and decisions or seek their alignment.

What will you learn through this course?

This course will help you understand the role of leadership in influencing without authority. You will learn the personal resources you need (characteristics or traits, we refer to them as leadership orientations) to enable you to influence in the absence of authority.

Approach to the Course

Influencing without authority requires you to exercise leadership. Your course will therefore begin with getting you to examine your view of leadership and offer an alternate lens of leadership for your review.

You will be effective in the exercise of leadership based the leadership resources you possess and your ability to apply those resources to suit the situation. We refer to these leadership resources as Leadership Orientations. Orientations are characteristics or traits. In this course you will learn the leadership orientations that you need to have or develop that will have an impact on your influencing other people.

The course will help you be self-aware and gain insights on your leadership orientations. You will learn the leadership abilities that will leave you empowered and enabled to effectively influence without having authority. Leadership abilities require the combined applying of the leadership orientations learnt.

This course will take you through the human thinking process, learning to manage perspectives and build a shared perspective, read and engage with managing power dynamics and become interpersonally effective. Bringing these together you learn to resolve differences between people and move their people’s thoughts, emotions and actions towards the desired objectives.

How is the learning structured?

This course is designed to help you uncover the dimensions mentioned above by breaking it down to learning units that are bite size and easy to consume. It is structured to help you understand the content, learn its application and reflect on your behaviour relating to it. It offers a structure to skills practice to continue beyond the course as well.

The content is structured for you to absorb, internalise, reflect, be self-aware and practice building skill in that unit of content before proceeding to the next. We recommend you learn by spending time observing, reflecting and drawing deeper insights from your environment and watching others relating to the content as well. As you progress reflect and identify the areas you want to develop and practice skills beyond the course.

Deep involvement in each unit of content before moving to the next will heighten your learning experience of the program.

Learning components

Course content (Total 8 Sections)

Course Preview & Inclusions

  • 7 hr 36 min
  • 22 learning Resources
  • Self-paced learning
  • 3 profiling tools
  • 6 hr 52 min of video content
  • 4 supplementary learning resources
  • Access on Mobile and Laptop

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