What are Leadership Profilers?

Each Leadership Profiler gives you an individual report reflecting your leadership orientations. Awareness is the starting point of developing leadership capabilities by heightening awareness of your orientations. Highlighted are behaviours that are ‘default’ settings, those you have ‘limited’ access to and those you have ‘flexibility’ to use as contextually required. Profilers cannot predict or guarantee specific outcomes.

At leadership centre we refer to the “Who am I “ as “Orientations”. The Orientations which have direct impact on our leadership, we call it “Leadership Orientations”. We have through our research identified the following orientations as “Leadership Orientations”.

Two or more leadership orientations lead to leadership abilities/competencies. eg. A combination of Thinking, Risk Appetite and Ambition orientations becomes the leadership ability/competency of Decision Making. A combination of Power, Ambition, Trust and Interpersonal/Political orientations become the leadership ability/competency of collaboration. Thus awareness of your leadership orientations is the key to developing various leadership abilities/competencies.This leads to what we at Leadership Centre refer to as “Behaviour toning”. This is similar to “Muscle toning”. Behaviour toning results in self-control leading to mastery over “Release” or “Restraint” of specific behaviours associated with any Leadership Orientation.

The classical way by which people gain this awareness is through what is popularly called as psychometry or personality tests. Most of the available psychometry and personality test tools are meta and complex to comprehend without expert assistance. They are also unfriendly to decide on what should I work on and how to tone our orientations. We at leadership centre have designed self-awareness tools which are simple. We call it “Leadership Orientation Profilers”. Each of our leadership orientation profiler helps you to gain awareness on one dimension of who you are and gain insights on how it impacts your leadership abilities in a chosen context and work towards developing it the way you choose to.

Our leadership orientation profiler reports are simple and easy to read. They help you become aware, gain insights and discover your leadership abilities/competencies. We also help you understand the report by explaining how to understand it through a webcast. All the Leadership Orientation Profilers (LOP) have been extensively researched and tested for construct validity and reliability, across multiple industries and leadership levels.

FAQ’s of Profilers

What are Leadership Profilers? How will it help me?
Leadership Profilers are questionnaire designed to help you become aware about your Leadership Orientation. After completing each profiler/questionnaire, you will get a report reflecting your Leadership Orientation. The report will make you self-aware. Awareness is the starting point of developing your leadership capabilities.
What does the Leadership Profiler report contain?
The report will give you access to your dominant behaviours. After completing your profiler, you can nominate your colleagues to get feedback from them on your leadership orientations. Their feedbacks would be integrated and made available in your report. This would give you insights on other’s experience you.
How much time would it take to fill each profiler?
Each Leadership Profiler would take a maximum of 15 mins. Please do not spend too much time on any profiler.
How would I know which profiler to purchase?
Each Leadership Profiler is based on a Leadership Orientation. The Leadership profiler pages contain details about each orientation and what you would gain from awareness of that orientation.
I have attempted the profiler. What are the next steps for me?
Nominate and receive feedback from your colleagues on your Leadership Orientation. To get a deeper understanding of how to build your Leadership Abilities, gain awareness of the orientations as follows: Leadership Webcasts – Listen to conceptual webcasts on each orientation to get clarity. Learn from webcasts of Leaders’ experiences to get insights from their journey. Expert Consulting – To get deeper understanding on how to Get in touch with us for a one-on-consultation with our Senior Consultant.