What is Power?

Newton’s first law of motion states that an object will remain in its state of rest or state of motion unless acted upon by an external force.

What is this force that helps to overcome the state of inertia?

We at Leadership Centre define this force as Power.

Power is a motive that is an intrinsic part of all of us. It is the force that gives energy to leadership.


Bringing about a change is impossible without the use of Power and what is the purpose of leadership without the ability to alter status quo, shape the future and deal with complex problems?

By itself, power is a neutral force, neither good nor bad. However, it is of utmost importance to understand the way of using one’s power.

When it is used constructively,
it can move mountains.

When abused, it can be problematic;
a force that does more harm than good.

Uncertainty regarding the power within you can be an obstacle in exercising leadership.

It is only when we understand the power we hold, can we harness it, calibrate it and get the results that we envision.


We at Leadership Center use David McClelland’s theory to
understand power in its elements:

Natural Power

This is the raw power that helps to provide inspiration and energize a group.

Socialized Power

This power drives collaboration, and gives priority to the needs of the community and institution.

Affiliative Power

This power binds us together, makes relationships possible and humanizes power.
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Power exists in all. The nature and structure of power which is dominant, shapes your power orientation.

The essence of this profiler is to be aware of the power in you so that you can optimize on your leadership capabilities.

It is integral that one does not hold one’s dominant power motive in isolation, but learns to align it the group’s power orientation. Only then can the desired output prove to be beneficial at an institutional level.

How will this help you?

Recognition and realization of your own power profile makes you aware of the impact it has on others along with an understanding of what power is most suited for what context.

Power is the force that will move and direct the vehicle of leadership.

Power Profiler

Gain awareness about your dominant power with which you engage with the world.

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