Introduction to Leadership Podcasts

The leadership podcasts are supplementary tools that are pre-recorded on specific topics to further your leadership journey. These are audio files created to give you clarity on some leadership topics. These audio lessons broadly fall under two categories – individual Leadership Podcasts and Leadership Podcast series. The individual podcasts are self-contained lessons based on independent themes. The Leadership Podcasts series are multiple lessons based on a common theme/structure. These are independent in their content but are episodes from the same series. Leadership Podcasts are short and convenient to listen, perfect for your on-the-go learning.

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A new perspective to Company Budget

Time : 24:28

This podcast draws the lessons from history to view company budgets from a new perspective. Through examples of Hitler and the Battle of the Bulge, this audio aims to extract the learning from real-life situations into business. This audio highlights the key takeaways, from life experiences and crisis, relevant for a business person.

Lessons on Leadership Paradox

Time : 19

'Achievement of one's leadership ambition is difficult without power pooling'. In this podcast on leadership paradox, Mr K Ramkumar believes that ambition is the fuel and power is the engine the moves the vehicle of leadership.Also learn the righteous choice when it comes to leadership and know the various pragmatic power pooling arrangements to achieve the many ambitions. Power pooling is the force multiplied and basic necessity for leveraging diverse resources.Understand the need of trade offs while pooling power. Is power the means to leadership ? or is leadership the means to power ?

The magic potion to Inspiration

Time : 19

Inspiration- the one reason that lead to a revolution through many courses in history. In this podcast, understand the reasons that help leaders like Napolean, Gandhi and Winston Churchill go on and lead from the front.Napolean said that courage, is not the strength to go on. Infact, courage is going on when you do not have strength. Mr K Ramkumar believes that Inspiration the quality that matters, when the outcome looks improbable and beyond our abilities when self doubts plauges the people.Inspiration is rooted in both thought and emotions. This podcast will help understand that a leader needs to articulate the ambitions of the collective. Inspiration is driven by belief of success.

The world and beyond innovation - Transformational Potential

Time : 12

In this podcast, Mr K Ramkumar talks about his perspective of the 'new' and about the power of observation. He goes on to talk about the thought process of a conventionalist versus that of an innovator.Through this podcast one can understand how a conventionalist is limited in the 'How trap' and finds the braoder perspective of 'what else' threatening.Whereas the innovator is someone who is willing to trace back to the source and move mountains. it is all about moving beyond and going deeper into innovation.

Summit Fever- The quest for achievement

Time : 6

With reference to the book 'Into Thin Air', Mr K Ramkumar in this podcast speaking about the quest for achievement and the human debris we leave behind.He believes that the 'summit fever' numbs people's ethical compass. Learn to understand where ambition begins and where ambition ends and when does ambition become summit fever.

Honesty a natural orientation or not ?

Time : 14

How beneficial is the full and ultimate truth and whether every individual is honest in all situations is what this podcast is about. In this podcast, Mr K Ramkumar uses various personal, social and political examples to bring out the honesty-dishonesty factor. He states that no one turns out to be honest, it depends on the situation and the consequences in all contexts and at all times. Whether it is in a marriage, between democracies or even personally. He also describes how justice is a nuanced position on something known as the gleaned out truth. Is honesty all that a natural orientation of human beings as much as it is seems to be ?

Change the discourse: Say no to talent hype

Time : 15

What is the imporatnce and meaning of the term 'Talent' ? Is everyone in any domain like liberal arts, science and sposrts are reffered to as talent ? The answers to many of these questions will be addressed in this podcast on talent.Not everyone recruited in an organisation for a particular job profile can be termed as 'talent'.

Benefits of Podcast

  1. Gain conceptual clarity on Leadership Principles.
  2. Examples and stories to elucidate on the theoretical concepts.
  3. Further your leadership learnings.
  4. Discover how leaders tackle challenges.
  5. Learn from a diverse set of leadership situations.

FAQ’s of Podcast

Where do I start from?
You can simply search for any podcasts based on the themes. Look for any individual podcasts which are independently structured. You can even look for individual podcasts from a series for similarly structured topics. These are individual episodes from a series.
How would these podcasts help me?
Through these podcasts you will gain understanding the application of leadership principles and its impact on exercising leadership. These podcasts are mobile friendly and light on your bandwidth.
Can I download the Leadership Podcasts?
All our material is proprietary content and can easily be accessed on your website account. These are copyright protected and cannot be downloaded on your system.
How are webcasts different from podcasts?
Leadership webcasts are video lessons on conceptual content and perspective sharing interviews with leaders. These are the first step towards understanding perspectives from leaders. Leadership podcasts are audio lessons on various topics and themes related to leadership. These do not consist of conceptual content and are more experience based.