What is Ambition?

What was the driving force that made human beings aspire to go to the moon? Why would anyone be ready to leave the safe landmass that provides them with refuge and sail across oceans in search of the unknown? What is it that forces you to ask yourself the question “What is there to me more than what there already is?”

It is because there exists a deep-rooted feeling within us that pushes us to the threshold of our abilities. This fire within us is what we call as ambition.


Ambition is the fuel that drives the leadership engine. It is deeply personal, serving as the drive for individuals to fulfill their vision. Ambition gives you the energy to push yourself beyond your limits, both mental and physical. It forces you to settle for nothing less than the standards you have set for yourselves as well as for your team.

  • Ambition is not an end product; it is the feeling that pushes you to achieve the picture you envisioned.

  • It gives you the strength to face challenges and conquer them.

  • Lack of ambition creates a void causing a hindrance in recognizing one’s leadership potential. Understanding one’s ambition is integral as it helps in regulating the same.

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Organizational ambition may serve as the vehicle for some to fulfill their personal ambitions. However, when personal ambitions are independent from those of the institution, the results are quite different.

When ambition becomes an obsession, it is a matter of concern. It is what one calls “Vaulting Ambition” In such a scenario; an individual overreaches his/her capability which may have unfavorable consequences. Thus, it is important to regulate the ambition within, such that it can be used as an asset and not a liability.

Ambition drives innovation. Ambitious people take setbacks as opportunities. It is the energy required to get you to step outside your comfort zone, face any challenge that comes your way and re-energize yourself to achieve all that you set out to do.

How will this help you?

It is a leadership challenge to weave in your ambition with that of others. This can be done only if you recognize the nature of your own ambition. Ambition may be pure and undeterred, tempered or limited. Become aware of your personal ambition as a stepping stone towards gaining insights about how you deal with ambition of team and organization.

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