What is Closure?

To be successful as a Leader you need to be able to drive and achieve outcomes. Closure orientation also known as Results Orientation deals with individual abilities to align both thoughts and emotions towards achievement of results.

This profiler is based on the research of Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer one of the most influential management thinkers of our times and has been designed to give you insights into your preferred behaviours that impact your ability to inspire and drive results.


Closure orientation is closely linked to the standards you set for yourself and the team as a leader. Successful closures are those that meet critical standard requirements without compromising on time with the given resource availability.

As a leader your ability to have a “Thought- Action Balance” is an important driver for Closure orientation. Planning and Action are equally critical to drive results. Effective leaders know when and how much to plan before they move to an execution mode.

Equally critical is your ability to review and diagnose roadblocks, take corrective actions and effectively re-deploy resources to ensure closure.

Driving closure without adequate diagnosis of the problem at hand can often result in poor quality of results.

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At the heart of Closure orientation is the leader’s ability to inspire the team towards the larger vision by building trust in your ability, judgement and commitment towards team members and the deliverables of the team.

How will this help you?

This profiler would provide valuable insights to every leader who’s looking to strengthen their ability to drive closures individually and through their teams.

Closure Profiler

Know more about your ability to balance your thought v/s action and achieve the desired results.

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