What is Trust?

Trust is the driveway that gives a leader the ability to inspire and motivate employees. Trust is like a forest, it takes time to build but can burn down with just a speck of fire.

“When people trust someone, they have faith in his/her decisions. in a dilemma, they seek their guidance and leadership.

Thus, it is necessary for an individual to align his/her words with their actions to build a pillar of trust with employees, and ultimately, for nurturing one’s leadership abilities.


Trust is considered an emotion and not a thought or action.

It is an aspect that is evoked in other individuals. If you associate yourself with others on a daily basis, you are impacted by their thoughts, actions and behaviour. which leads to a development of trust over time.

Moreover, your trust is revalued by others based on your impact on them from your last interactions.

Thus, you can say that trust is relative.


Some of the drivers that underpin trust are one’s values, beliefs, commitments, transparency, fairness etc.

When a particular driver in you is strong and is experienced by others, trust is evoked. Similarly, when a specific driver in significantly available for you but others fail to experience it, they are hesitant to give trust. Thus, trustworthiness is either diminished or enhanced.

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Trust provides character to leadership.
How do you handle trust deficiency?

How will this help you?

One must become aware of which drivers of trust are strong in them, and which will eventually help evoke trust in others. Additionally, one must also gain insights as to which driver of trust do they give weightage to and what holds their attention. Similarly, which aspect are they more inclined to find in others. Such heightened awareness will help one receive context relevant insights, thereby promoting ones ability to evoke trust.

Trust Profiler

Gain awareness of the drivers of trust that help you evoke trust from others.

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