Trust Time Required: 1 hours 55 minutes

How will it benefit you?

Can leadership be exercised without trust?  How is trust evoked in other people? What makes others give, or hesitate to give, you trust? How do you get to be “trustworthy”? What makes the addition of trust change the quality of power or of thinking? Take this course to understand and build your Trust Orientation

How to take this course?

  • Take the profilers to gain awareness about your leadership orientations

  • Watch the Leadership Principles webcasts to gain conceptual clarity

  • Watch the webcasts on Leaders Experience to gain insights from their journey

  • Read curated articles related to this leadership ability you want to build

Course Inclusions

Each Leadership Profiler gives you an individual report reflecting your leadership orientations. Awareness is the starting point of developing leadership capabilities by heightening awareness of your orientations. Highlighted are behaviours that are ‘default’ settings, those you have ‘limited’ access to and those you have ‘flexibility’ to use as contextually required. Profilers cannot predict or guarantee specific outcomes.

More about Profilers
  • Trust

The leadership webcasts are streaming pre-recorded videos to aid you in gaining clarity on the resources needed in exercising leadership. These videos help you build your leadership abilities through a lucid explanation of concepts, theoretical anchors, use of examples and stories and through the lens of other leaders’ experiences. These pre-recorded streaming webcasts have been classified into themes for ease of scanning through them. The webcast library hosts videos on two themes namely; Leadership Principles, Leaders' Experiences

More about Webcasts
  • Leadership Orientation - Trust
    Time - 23:17
  • In Conversation with Santosh Desai Part 2
    Time - 31:29
  • In Conversation with Piyush Pandey Part 2
    Time - 15:56
  • In Conversation with M. M. Somaya Part 5
    Time - 17:07
  • How to read your Profiler Report
    Time - 59:20
  • In conversation with Pramod Bhasin- Building Trust
    Time - 26:04

Especially designed as well as curated content to help imprint the learnings of the course. Our content material is aimed at synthesizing learning for each of the modules in this course. We aim at providing effective takeaways for learners to reflect and act upon


Our Leadership Courses are structured packages which are targeted towards building your leadership abilities.

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