7 Insightful Leadership Podcasts one shouldn’t miss

Published on : 27 Jul 2023
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On the 14th of July 2023, when the Chandrayan 3 mission took off, the critical phase – Slingshot to the Moon was scheduled for the 1st of August 2023. The date is significant for Leadership Centre as well as it being our seventh anniversary. The moon mission is yet another display of India’s ascension to leadership in many fields. It also underscored our belief that leadership is better approached as a verb and not a noun and exercised in the many leadership moments that unfolded (such as being the vaccine manufacturer for the world).
Our seventh anniversary was just a trigger for our pursuit to bring to our alumni and patrons a set of learning/knowledge resources that we are hopeful will help in your pursuit of leadership.

1. Mission ISRO with Harsha Bhogale

Harsha Bhogle’s podcast Mission ISRO starts off with the inspiring conversation between the first Indian Astronaut Capt Rakesh Sharma and the then Prime Minister which showed the ambitious seeds of our space program examining what is core to ambition – the pursuit of whether is there more to us than there is.

2. Daniel Kahneman – a remarkable life, fast and slow

3. Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg on the art of framing the problems to solve

4. The Art of Thinking Clearly

Our belief that Thinking is the directional force among the orientations that are core to leadership is the subject of the piece – Daniel Kahnemann – A Remarkable Life – fast and Slow and ‘Art of Framing the Problem to Solve – the Play to Potential conversation between Rajiv Jayaraman and the Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, the popular author on problem-solving and innovation.

5. Quiet – The Power of Introverts with Susan Cain
6. Focus – Daniel Goleman
7. Emotional Intelligence – Richard Boyatzis

In the exercise of leadership and shaping others’ views by synthesising multiple perspectives, the impact of interpersonal orientation is crucial. The three podcasts/videos – Quiet by Suzan Cain, Focus – by Daniel Goleman and Emotional Intelligence – by Richard Boyatzis help us understand respectively – the diversity that exists in the personalities around us, the importance of Focus and the various strands of empathy and the emotional intelligence as a critical element in the exercise of leadership.

You will find the thread of Leadership Centre’s philosophy and point of view on leadership running through the seven podcasts, articles, videos etc that we have selected for you. We invite you to consume them at your pace and are hopeful that you find them as insightful as we did. We do hope the seven knowledge/ learning resources that we have put together for you for our seventh anniversary are a catalyst for your journey as a learner.


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