7 Insightful Leadership Podcasts one shouldn’t miss

Author: Leadership Centre
Published on : 27 Jul 2023
3 min

On the 14th of July 2023, when the Chandrayan 3 mission took off, the critical phase – Slingshot to the Moon was scheduled for the 1st of August 2023. The date is significant for Leadership Centre as well as it being our seventh anniversary. The moon mission is yet another display of India’s ascension to […]

A New Lens on Leadership

Author: Ramkumar Krishnaswamy
Published on : 16 Aug 2016
6 min read

Your leadership calls, and how you interpret opportunities and threats, are influenced by your lenses, which are unique and personal to you The mighty elephant is hidden inside the wood The mighty elephant hides the wood The Creator is hidden inside the expansiveness of the universe The magic of Creation hides the expansiveness of the […]

Meritocracy: A Bitter-Sweet Choice

Author: Ramkumar Krishnaswamy
Published on : 04 Jun 2014
5 min read

In 1984 after completing my Post Graduation, I had rejected a rare campus offer those days, from Mettur Beardsell (current Madura Garments) Ltd. and opted for Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., a PSU. My uncle who had retired from Bharat Petroleum, a PSU but had joined this company when it was Burma Shell Ltd., a multi-national Private […]

Honesty: Not such a Natural Orientation

Author: Ramkumar Krishnaswamy
Published on : 07 Apr 2014
5 min read

The current debate about Dhoni and our expectation that he should have told what he knew to the Hon Justice Mudgal Committee made me think. There is almost unanimity that any one of us would have told the truth, if we were put in a similar situation. One of the celebrated TV anchors was certain […]