Who We Are

We founded Leadership Centre in 2016 with the vision of being a world class institution in the thought and practice of leadership.
We facilitate institutions to build Leadership capacity and capability. We work with individual’s in these organizations to develop their personal leadership resources, to unleash their potential and create value.


  • To be a world class institution in the thought and practice of Leadership

  • Partner institutions to build Leadership Capacity and Capability

  • Facilitate individuals to discover and develop their personal leadership resources

We align our work

to the client’s specific context & strategy.

  • Our work is anchored on research and work of scholars.

  • We blend this with the specific needs of the client. We co-create the design with our clients.

At leadership centre we refer to the “Who am I “ as “Orientations”. The Orientations which have direct impact on our leadership, we call it “Leadership Orientations”. We have through our research identified the following orientations as “Leadership Orientations”.

These are the lego blocks which build the super-structure of leadership abilities like Strategic orientation, Decision Making, Collaboration, sensitivity, Results orientation etc.

  • Thinking
  • Risk Appetite
  • Power
  • Interpersonal/Political
  • Ambition
  • Trust
  • Learning
  • Nuturance
  • Result/Closure

We believe that leadership is more than skill and style. Leadership is predicated by a person’s orientations (typical behaviors) which shapes the leadership abilities and its fit to a context. The broader the fit of the orientation the more versatile a person is in his exercise of leadership in a variety of contexts. Thus, in our engagements with our clients we work with the individual using the action-consequence model to link up one’s leadership orientations (typical behaviors) to outcomes:

Leadership is a social skill. Socially aware people shape the thought, emotions and actions of others better. The key to social-awareness is self-awareness. We help our learners become aware, gain insights and discover their fullest leadership potential. This in turn builds organizational leadership capacity & capabilities.

This is the approach of classical facilitation:

    -This model of learning works on the ‘Orientation Toning process’, which is using ‘Restraint and Release’ of thought, emotions and actions. This release is moderated according to the demands of a context, without being tied down by one’s default settings.

  • We use proprietary exercises, custom
    written cases, curated films and
  • Facilitate insights on the connect between one’s leadership orientations and their leadership abilities We use proprietary exercises, custom written cases, curated films and proprietary
  • We create learning at an individual
    level and at a group level
  • Our designs focus on
    application and practice
  • We bring in the connect of the learning
    to the Business contexts
  • We recommend that the Leadership intervention is designed for a period of 12-15 months with multiple touch points which can constitute a combination of classroom, fire side chats, one-on-one sessions, address by an expert, use of profilers, accessing online content on concepts and accomplished leaders’ experiences.